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who we are

We need to spread facts faster than the virus.
Afika Access seeks to make the World Health Organisation (WHO) information about COVID-19 accessible to all people in South Africa.

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our mission

Is to #SlowTheSpread and equip as many South Africans with factual knowledge. Facts and stats about South African literacy aside, many people remain uneducated in our country. Conversations among public transport commuters, taxis, and in the hearts of South Africa's informal settlements reveal that a high level of ignorance and misinformation exists around COVID-19.

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we are building a team

We are building a team of translators to translate COVID-19 information from the World Health Organisation into African languages.

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Our Target Audience
Our primary initial focus is South African Languages. However, any African or other under represented language from around the globe is welcome to join!

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How we spread the facts
Once the information we have from WHO is translated, we aim to make short videos of a local speaker sharing the relevant information that we have translated.

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Once the video is recorded, it must be shared on social media platforms such as outlined below:

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With these kind of efforts, we'll see information spread like wildfire and disinformation significantly diminished.

we need you!

We need all the help we can get!
The success of this project depends on the contribution of volunteers.

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Are you able to translate from English into your native language?
We need you!
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Are you willing to post a short video of yourself to share in your local community?
We need you!
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Are you looking to volunteer your time to help manage this project?
We need you!
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want to get involved?

Our translation team works remotely. Would you like to contribute?
Thanks for your message! We'll be in touch.
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